Welcome to version 2.0

Nallikayi version 2

I’m happy to unveil the second version of the website. I gave enough thoughts to make it user friendly especially for smartphone users.

Version 1 was actually made using WordPress. WordPress is great but not fast enough. It adds too much code into the site. I wanted something simple and easy.

I have converted my site from php to pure HTML, CSS and JS. And I have used a card layout to display all our posts in the index page. This gives users an easy access to all our podcasts in one shot.

Uploading made easy and now commenting available for non facebook users as well.

Major change though is speed! Check out the screenshots.

Speed in v1Nallkayi version 1 speed

Speed in v2Nallkayi version 2 speed

What has changed?


  1. Whole website is now static! That means it is faster than before!

  2. Audio compressed to load faster in mobile browsers.

  3. Hosting is changed for a better delivery of the content.

  4. Clean code. No unnecessary things involved.


  1. Cards! The latest design element used everywhere!

  2. The theme layout has changed completely for a faster loading even in slow internet connections.

  3. Audios will be available in 2 qualities. One LQ in the home-page and the other HQ inside posts.

  4. A lot of improvements in user experience.

Known issues

  1. In mobile devices, while the audio is loading, it may skip sporadically.

  2. Some IE browsers may not support the <audio> element and JavaScript.

If you find any issues, please let us know here.

Thanks for supporting us. Feel free to give any suggestions that can help me improve the website.

Listen to the audio