Nallikayi is open to everyone. It has a very few set of rules to upload a recording in order maintain the quality of the content.

We accept many kinds of recordings such as

  1. Stories

  2. Poems

  3. Book reviews

  4. Movie reviews

  5. Travel experience

  6. Trending topics

  7. Funny recordings etc.,

You can be innovative and find your own topic. But make sure it is in Kannada and it helps Kannada Literature in some way. You can upload your recording here. Our team will test the quality and let you know whether it is good to be published.

If you are a blogger or you have something worth sharing then we are happy to put it up on our podcast. All you have to do is just play by the guidelines.

  1. The content should be yours, not from any copyrighted material. We are not responsible for any legal issues that may arrive because of plagiarism. It is always better to narrate your own content, an experience or a part from a book, movie etc giving credits to the source.

  2. You should have an audible voice (this is not really required, but we want to be sure that our listeners understand what you are trying to say)

  3. Narrating skills. This is an easy skill. While recording, imagine that you are narrating a story to your friends, or if it helps, imagine your friends are 5-year-old kids.

  4. The maximum length of your recording should not cross 30 minutes (temporary condition).

  5. Your email is required in order to contact you back in case if we require more information.

Quality Guidelines

  1. Choose a quiet room to record your audio.

  2. It’s better to use a headphone or earphone while recording through your smartphone.

  3. If your audio is lengthy, send it in parts. We will join it before posting.

  4. If you’re recording on your PC then please consider using Audacity ( but do not edit).

That’s all the rules we have right now.