We created Nallikayi on 1st September 2015. At Nallikayi, we post podcasts about anything and everything related to Kannada literature. The aim is to bring Kannada content into voice medium so that non-readers can enjoy it. My aim is to bring all the Kannada bloggers together, share their writings, memories and experiences here.

We strive hard to make Nallikayi a non-profit website completely dedicated to Kannada literature. But there are some expenses in keeping the podcast running, editing recordings, designing website etc., So we may add a donate link in the future but there will not be any ads.

If you are a Kannada blogger or if you know a blogger who creates real good articles then please contact us. We can get them on board so that you will get to hear them as well.

My name is Sharath. I’m a contributor to Nallikayi (and anyone can be a contributor). I’m also the designer and moderator of this website. Kannada is my mother tongue (sorry for not writing this in Kannada).

I feel that by this initiative, I’m contributing to Kannada Language a little bit. This is a small effort to give it back to the language which has given me so much.